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Originally Posted by Jakub
tl;dr A big garbage mash up of some ideas from the book Seth Speaks.

i read this little (BIG&FAT) book called seth speaks.

apparantely woman becomes medium for a ghost named seth and he dictates out a whole book whenever she's under trance (hubby writes it all down)

real or not, who cares

it poses an interesting concept that when we die we go into a different plane of existence...where we are still existing just not in physical terms.. there you can set up your next life what problems you want to face what lessons you might wnat to teach yourself in your next life and you set up with your friends who willl be who how you will meet and such and then are born.

then it goes onto talking about how if your soul advances enough you go to another stage (which there are endless possiblities of stages)... where you get to design your own universe and let it grow into it's own thing.

This is a pretty neat concept.
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