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Originally Posted by Kamil
Hey all,

Ryan pointed out this thread to me, otherwise I would not have checked it.

I scored a 166 on my LSAT (which is a 93rd percentile). The first time I wrote it I scored 158 (75th percentile). It took a lot of studying to get my score, although I could have done things more efficiently.

I'm currently finishing up my M.A. and have received a few offers to attend top Canadian law schools. I'm staying away from the states due to the shitty legal market and the sky-high tuition fees.

Dragoon, if you're interested in going to law school, I would gladly have a chat with you.



Thanks for the offer, but I'm about half way through my B.Sc. in Comp Sci and from there I'm planning on either grad school for CS (if I can find a way to pay for it sans massive debt) or going straight into the job market.
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