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Health and Fitness Goals

With the future of the site seemingly dwindling into nothing I figured I'd try and contribute something that I'm involved in (there's also school and hockey if anyone's interested!!).

I've been going to school while living at home (on co-op currently in my 4th of 5 years) for the past few years but am currently living a few hours away on work term with a buddy from school. I was finding I had a ton of spare time and not enough to do to fill it. I don't do any clubs/organized sports anymore and don't get off on video games like I used to... it's more of a social thing to keep in touch with buddies who've moved away. I also have always been on the skinnier side of things and decided to put on some good weight by ending my inactivity and hit the gym.

After scouring /r/fitness and seeing the hivemind's love for Mark Rippetoe's Starting Strength I decided to dive right in. I'm currently 2 months in and loving it. I've learned the value of good nutrition and already had good results. For anyone specifically interested in this program, a wikia page of information is set up here or you can buy Ripp's book somewhere here. I've chosen to do a modified version (clicky) which replaces power cleans and suggests some accessory work. The book/wiki explain the exercises in detail so that you do them properly without injuring yourself. Personally, I didn't buy the book and instead read lots on the wiki as well as on /r/fitness. Form critique videos are especially helpful because you eventually can see what people are doing right/wrong and how they need to correct themselves.

If I had to make one suggestion to anyone it would be to watch what you eat. Something as simple as tracking your calories with My Fitness Pal online or on your phone takes only a minute or two per meal and you can either use it just to actually see what you put into your body or go so far as to set caloric/macronutrient goals and meet them on a day-to-day basis. You can easily lose a pound a week without setting foot in a gym, treadmill or even outside just by eating on a caloric deficit.

I've come to realize the value of life and I think people should be grateful for what we have and treat your body with care. Are you overweight and want to shed some pounds? Skinny-fat and want to fill out your clothes? Weak and want some strength? Bad posture? Discuss what you've got going on in terms of health and fitness in your life.
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