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Originally Posted by aaaaa
Of course. I consider myself a very intelligent person, it's just what I was raised around.

Well, in general, look at the South. I hate to bust our on balls, but as a whole the South is fucking retarded. We are years behind every other regions in most things, if not everything. Racism is still a big thing down here depending on which city or even part of the city you're in, and from what I can tell, other regions don't have near as big as a problem with it. I know the thread isn't about that, but as an example, it takes years and years for things to change down here.

The Bible Belt is full of people who are close minded as fuck, and are scared / intimidated by anything they know nothing about. I fucking hate it here so bad, but I also love it with an equal strength.

Northern accents and sayings are weird to us too. You'll never here ANYBODY down here say "I want a soda pop" and if you do, you automatically know they aren't from here. There's a lot of words that northerners use that we don't that we find very weird when used in everyday speak.

We're pretty much the people backing the Republican Menace. I think it's more our parents' generation and their's. I mean, parents really try to make their kids exactly like them. My abusive father was abused by his father on and on. We just have to break the cycle of shit. We're not really behind on all that much, at least in Georgia. Everything is just smaller over here. We don't have a lot of controversial or liberal things, but that's to be expected. We just need one generation to change things, and at least around here, I'm pretty sure it's going to happen in the next few.

I mean, you can't blame the cultists for their leader's programming, especially if they were indoctrinated at birth.
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