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goldierox2117 09-12-2021 10:20 PM

Hey all!
I was a user here 20 years ago... worked on the homepage at one point in the Neohacks days. Cannot for the life of me remember what my login was. I've gone through so many now. :)

I know I ran the gaming website for a bit, and then elitey took it over. I threw a whole tantrum about it. I was such a stubborn kid I wasnt taking feedback on the design and got overthrown as webmaster. Lol.

I creeped the 2017 what is everyone up to post, nice to see we've all aged into some sort of success.

Sad to see the forums outlive their usefulness... I tried to take my life off of Facebook but I kept missing all the photos and then during COVID all the online meetups so unfortunately I have to keep it. I limit what I can on it and try not to use messenger. What they can do with all that data is so disconcerting.

Idk how we would reinvigorate this place. There's probably a space for it with the right crowd... but we wouldn't find them easily. It'd have to be a word of mouth thing through a lot of online gaming chats. We'd probably need to incorporate some kind of online streaming, like a Twitch Nexodyne channel where we could chill and hangout together. Forums are just not where it's at nowadays. I love a good forum, but for the mainstream it's not a loved format.

Anyways, thought I'd say hi! I'll check back for replies sometime. If anyone remembers me, shoot me a DM!

Christouffer 10-25-2021 03:33 PM

Lovely to hear from you! <3.

No ideas for how to reinvigorate but its here for the occasional sentimental person who comes back :)

Wahide 01-11-2022 01:33 PM

you was as a user here for 20 years, wow I'm new here.

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