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Christouffer 05-25-2006 10:23 PM

Dedicated Hosting
Dedicated Hosting

It is a proud day in Nexodyne history! Iridium and I have made the decision to move Nexodyne to it's own, dedicated, server. While the community aspect of the site grows slowly, the other sections grow very rapidly. International notoriety and amazing growth outside the forum has made it a necessity that we have our own server. With new projects always underway, being researched at least, a bigger and brighter future is just over Nexodyne's horizon. I want to thank you all, especially the staff, for helping us get to this point.

As a secondary benefit of having a dedicated server, Nexodyne will now be able to resell hosting. We'd like to offer this option to everyone and are interested in getting a feel for just how many people would be interested in such a service. If you know you would be, please email . If you think you might be interested; we will be working out official hosting packages to offer which might give you more incentive. Feel free to email us suggestions of the sort of packages you would like, so we can get a feel for what you'd be interested in.

Discuss here.

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