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Disclaimer about Items and Accounts
Neohacks does not give out items or "currency" for any online game. We also do not care if your account has been frozen (at any site). So please do NOT make threads about your account being frozen.

Disclaimer about threads and posting within this board
Please do NOT post your username from any online game site on this board. This is for your own protection should staff from such sites be members here. Whilst this is not a rule, we have no sympathy for those who decide to post their usernames, and have their accounts at other sites frozen as a result.

Do NOT make threads similar to any of the following: "I'm new", "How do I make a million points like omg!", "programs", "I WAntz in the UG", "Cookie Grabber!!1!!1", etc.

Disclaimer about Programs
We do not offer assistance to you if you are having problems using programs obtained from anywhere other than our download section. The programs in the download section have been checked and reviewed to ensure that they are safe from viruses, malware, keyloggers etc. However, we cannot prevent against your own abuse of them. If you over-use any cheat program you are at risk of being frozen.

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