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Posting Guide

Forum Posting Guide

This guide will tell you how to type. Read it carefully.

Forum Posting Guide Contents

  1. Introduction
    • How to type correctly.
  2. Grammar and Spelling
    • How your post should look.
  3. Frequently Asked Questions
    • With questions asked from actual computer illiterates!


  • Introduction
    • First of all, let's review something here: 50% of your forum behavior is judged by how you type and the 50% falls into whatever you post. You might post a lot, but who cares if nobody can read what you're typing?
    • How fast you type is not important. What is important is that you don't show that you don't even know where the keys are! If you constantly make spelling errors, perhaps you should buy a book on HOW TO TYPE before you kill us with your bad netiquette.

  • Grammar and Spelling
    Originally posted by Retard@Jan 01 0000, 00:00 AM
    hi this is mah awesum post isnt this great!!!!
    • What's wrong with this post? If you can't figure out what's wrong, you should disconnect from the Internet. Otherwise, you would know that is not how your post should look. Your posts should look like this guide: Capitalization, commas, no screaming, periods, etc.
    • This is not your instant messenger, and this is not a video game. This is a community that relys on YOU on being able to type correctly and professionally. DO NOT MUTILATE the English language.
    • Here are the top 3 rules:
      1. Do not post with random caps or numbers.
      2. Do not post with horrible spelling.
      3. Do not post with horrible grammar.
    • Secondly, it won't hurt to have paragraphs in your posts every once in a while. Whenever you are going to write a long post, be sure to have paragraphs. Nobody can read everything in one huge paragraph as readers can get constantly lost on where they were (yes, they can).
    • Also, here are some abbreviations that are (believe it or not) NOT words:
      1. u
      2. r
      3. 4u
      4. dat
      5. thx
      6. k
      7. l8r
      8. ne1
      9. brb
      10. stfu
      11. afk
      12. imho
      13. rtfm
      14. iow
      15. afaik
      16. tha
      17. c

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Why should I type in perfect grammar and spelling?
      • You're being judged on how you type your posts up, you know. If you make spelling mistakes here and there all the time, how will we understand you? You make yourself look like a fool with all those horrible errors.

    • Am I required to type in perfect grammar and spelling?
      • With all the complaints you're going to get, it practically should be a rule. It won't get you warned or banned, but it might get you flamed.

    • What is netiquette?
      • Netiquette is etiquette, except it's for the Internet. You have manners in real life, and we expect you to have the same manners here. The Internet is more or less, the actual world. There's no need to act stupid as you don't act like that around your parents.

You can contact a moderator or an administrator if none of the FAQ answered your question. However, don't expect an answer if you cannot type in good grammar or just simply can't type at all.

2003-2004, Neohacks. All Rights Reserved.

Signature Guidelines
Signature Guidelines

Note: These are rules we expect you to follow. Failure to comply will result in a removal of your signature, possibly permanently. The rules apply to ALL members,

How to access your Signature: User CP > Edit Signature

Your signature can:
  • Include any both images and text (subject to restrictions below).
Your signature cannot:
  • Contain any image with dimensions exceeding 550 pixels wide or 150 pixels high.
    • If you have more then one image in your signature area the combined height of width of all the images in your signature area must not exceed 550 by 150 pixels (including any breaks between images).
    • If you include both text and images within your signature, the total height must not exceed 150 pixels (including line-breaks).
  • Contain text which, in total exceeds 150 pixels in height.
  • Contain sound that plays when loaded, unless it has a clickable on and off button!
  • Contain anything that breaks "The Official NeoHacks Rules".
  • Be used to complain/flame/bitch about anyone.
  • Contain anything that promotes yourself or anyone else to be a Moderator, Administrator.
  • Advertise anything dealing with (but not limited to):
    • Other boards
    • Personal sites (except with permission from a Moderator/Administrator)
    • Scamming, hacking, cracking, cheats or glitches.

The staff may add/remove/edit any of the above guidelines at any time without any warning. Therefore, check back often to familiarize yourselves.

2003-2004, Neohacks. All Rights Reserved.

Contributor Status
There is no more such thing as "Privileged Members" or "UG Members." Those are now in the past. We have now made a new "Contributor" status. To become a contributor, you don't need to follow any fancy point system or donate money. All you need to do is be a good, active member.

Here is how it works: You just need to meet the following requirements:
  • 300 Posts
  • Member for at least 3 months
  • Active, a few posts a day at least

Thats it! There are no strings attached, except one: If any member of the staff thinks that you would not make a good contributor, you can't be one. You could always apply again. We are not going to be as strict as with the UG, though we aren't going to allow somebody who just posts pointless posts in either.

The benefits of being a contributor are:
  • After the staff finishes discussing a new idea, it is posted into the contributors forum for contributors to contribute their ideas, rant, and just give feedback. You are always on the edge of Nexodyne development!
  • Your PM box is improved to 100 PMs, instead of the default 70.
  • There are new "features" coming to Nexodyne, upon entry contributors will gain access to one of them
  • A nice gold username.

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But it also seems a little easy to get there doesn't it? Well, there's more: If the staff feels you contribute good ideas and good feedback to us, and you have at least 600 posts and have been a member for 6 months, you get more stuff:
  • You will gain access to the second new "feature" of Nexodyne. Coming soon.
  • Your PM box is increased to 150 PMs, instead of the normal contributor 100.
  • You can have your own custom title
  • You may have avatars up to 150x150
  • All the rest of the contributor goodies that you originally started with.

So, if you wish to become a contributor, and match the criteria, then PM at staff member. You may also, if you have their MSN addresses, contact them via MSN.

Tutorial Guidelines
For the time being we have three main tutorial categories. Graphic Design, Web Development and Programming. Graphic Design includes anything from 2D to 3D, photography and other digital art. Web Development is for tutorials on PHP, ASP, HTML, XML, etc. Programming is obviously for tutorials on programming either involving VB or Delphi. Tutorials that do not fit into those three categories may be posted in the main tutorial forum until they become popular enough to receive their own category. As in accordance with the rules if you post in the wrong forum you may receive a nasty comment from a staff member!

Rules for the tutorial forums:
The following rules are to be followed at all times when posting or reading anything in the tutorial forums. If you do not follow these rules then you shall be punished in accordance with each rule broken.

Posts in the tutorial forums are moderated and will not appear immediately!

  • New Tutorials
    • ONLY tutorials that are useful are to be posted. If you post a tutorial on something stupid (ie: How to tie your shoes) the thread will be deleted and you may be warned.
    • When posting tutorials your tutorial should be precise, well written and easy to read.
    • Subjects should not be in funky capital letters (ie: ThiS iS So CoOl), abbreviations (ie: chk ths out!) or any other forms of terrible English. An example of a proper subject would be "Abstract Shapes in Photoshop".
    • You are REQUIRED to use the new post icons provided to distinguish between the program you are writing a tutorial for. If you are writing a tutorial for Photoshop then you are REQUIRED to use the post icon for Photoshop. The post icons are to help distinguish what the tutorial is for. If you have a tutorial and there is no corresponding icon please private message Iridium with the name of the program your tutorial is for and he will add a new post icon. Once the post icon has been added you may post your tutorial but not before.
    • Tutorials may use images so long as they are no wider than the signature guideline dimensions (550 by 150 pixels). You break my tables and I will break you.
    • If you use a tutorial not written by yourself be sure to include the URL where you found the tutorial and give credit where credit is due!

  • Replying to Tutorials
    • You may reply to a tutorial if and ONLY if you have a question or are not quite clear about the instructions. At NO time will you reply to a tutorial with "Thanks!", "This rocks!", "What a sucky tutorial... you suck!", "+ rep for you dude!" or "Wow, this really helped me!". This is to keep the tutorial threads short and to the point.

  • Tutorial Ratings
    • If you think one of the tutorials posted was good or bad you are able to give it a rating. To rate a tutorial click the RATE THREAD drop down menu list at the top of the thread. You are able to give the thread a rating of 1-5.
    • At NO time will any member request that other members purposely RAISE or LOWER their tutorial rating or another's tutorial ratings. If we find you doing this you will be warned and/or banned for a week.

  • Requesting Tutorials
    • Members may post requests for tutorials once. If another member has written or finds a tutorial requested they may post it in a NEW thread and then reply to the request thread with the link of the new tutorial. Once a reply has been made linking the questioner to the tutorial the person responsible for creating the request thread is to lock it immediately.

Posts in the tutorial forums are moderated and will not appear immediately!

Additional information can be found in our FAQ section. Ignorance of our rules and policies will not be considered a valid excuse.

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