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Current Rules
  • Note From NVT Staff:
    1. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time, without prior notice to anyone, or anywhere.
    2. The below are the rules you have to follow in order to properly post in the NVT! By posting in the Neohacks Voting Tournament board means that you have read and understood the following rules.
    3. Have fun, please enjoy the activates, and please keep things clean.
    4. You are still allowed to stay in the NVT even during a period of absence.
  • Common Rules:
    • No utterly pointless posts! This means:
    • Do NOT flame! Not only will flaming get you an Official Warning (under the official Neohack rules) but it will also get you removed from the current NVT if you are in it.
    • The Sign-up thread is strictly for signing up! You do NOT, post anything but that. You should post in the suggestion topic for your comments and complaints. So, basically any topic you make goes into the suggestion box. Violators of this rule will have their posts deleted, so we donít have to worry about splitting and merging one single post. Please do not Spam about your post being deleted!
    • No Cheating, defined as creating multiple accounts to vote for yourself, and no using "friends" accounts or others accounts to sway voting.
      • Trying to win by making new accounts to vote for yourself will get you BANNED from NVT, and possibly get yourself an Official Warning!

  • Rules for the Attendants
    1. Signing Up: We ask that each person that signed up for the NVT to please vote on every poll, it is only fair. This its fair for everyone who enters the NVT, and there is no long period of time where there is a tie.
    2. Poll Break Down: Currently undefined.
  • Current Updates and amendments:
    1. If you are a winner you may not take part in the NVT right after the one you were just taking part in.
  • Matter of Prizes
    • 1st place receives 500k np.
    • 2nd place receives a paintbrush. They will be contacted on what paintbrush they want.
      • Instructions on how to get your prize
        • To receive your prize, Neocheat or Nuke will pm you with a link to a trade.
        • This trade is COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL you can not let anyone see this trade. When you get the pm, you DO NOT trade yet. You pm the person who sent you the link with your neopets username so they can be sure you are getting the money. When we message you back we will ask you to trade. Just trade a lousy old item or something.
        • If you do not play neopets, and wish to transfer the prize to someone else...
        • When we pm you, we will ask for their neopets username. Then we will contact them and undergo the procedure above.
  • Updates:
    • Updated: March 14th
    • By: Deimos
    • Comment: Fixed the coding.

Disclaimer about Campaigning

Campaign Disclaimers

  • If your campaigning in your signature, you must follow the Official Signature Guidelines.
  • You must NOT disrespect, flame, etc. at anyone in your campaign.
  • If you are to post in the Official NVT Campaigning Topic you must follow these rules.
  • Remember, this is a PG-13 forum! There is to be NO nudity or excessively violent pictures in the campaign.
  • This will be based on a 3 strike system. If you break the rules, you get one or two strikes depending on the rule broken. 3 strikes and your out (of the NVT)

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